About NJC

Since 1977, the National Journalism Center has trained aspiring journalists in the values of responsible, balanced, and accurate reporting. Weekly seminars and on-the-job experience provide participants with the tools to become leaders in combating bias in the mainstream media.

Seminars include talks with prominent journalists and public policy experts, writing exercises, training in investigative reporting, audio and video training, and current events and policy discussions. Students are also provided a $1200 monthly stipend to put towards rent and transportation to their internship. The balance between hands-on experience and academic training gives students a competitive edge in the workplace after graduation.

Outside of class, students receive the opportunity to participate in two additional programs: investigative team, and video bootcamp.

  • Investigative team, or “I-team” is a six-week voluntary program designed to teach the ins and outs of writing an investigative piece. Staff writer for the Washington Free Beacon Bill McMorris takes students from finding a story idea, to cultivating sources and publishing a piece.
  • Video bootcamp is a weekend-long program designed to teach basic broadcast techniques with the use of Adobe Premiere Pro. Students will cover an event, bring the footage to the seminar, and discuss how to string together the various components to tell a compelling story. Director Elizabeth Donatelli’s background in broadcast journalism gives her the tools to teach the program to those both proficient in video editing, and those just starting out.


“NJC offered an unprecedented networking and educational opportunity for students. Speakers were high-quality voices in journalism [covering] a wide range of subjects, from print and radio to broadcast and new media. Whatever your particular flair of journalism might be, you learn so much here.”

~ Yuichiro Kakutani, Summer Class of 2019


“This internship completely solidified my dream to be a journalist and provided opportunities that are typically out of reach for college students.”

~ Grayce McCormick, Summer Class of 2019


“NJC is the best internship to pursue for anyone hoping to break into the journalism field. The program’s substantive trainings empower young journalists with a comprehensive set of essential skills necessary to pursue a career in the media today.”

~Tristan Justice, Spring Class of 2018


“My experience with NJC was invaluable. You would be hard-pressed to find any other internship experience that offers such comprehensive training in combination with extensive field experience.”

~ Julia McGrath, Spring Class of 2019