National Journalism Center

Since 1977, the National Journalism Center has trained aspiring journalists in the values of responsible, balanced, and accurate reporting.


“NJC is changing the media landscape by raising up a new generation of conservative journalists.”

  — Sean Hannity, Host, The Sean Hannity Show and Hannity

Helping to revive objectivity in the news media landscape.

Applications for summer 2018 are now closed. Please check back in September to apply for spring and summer 2019. 

Program Dates, Summer 2018: May 29 – August 17

National Journalism Center

Weekly seminars and training from the best and brightest in media. 

On-the-job training at the nation’s leading media outlets.


Washington Examiner

Washington Times

Roll Call

Voice of America

One America News Network

Santa Barbara News-Press

Daily Caller

National Journalism Center

“I would recommend NJC to anyone who has a passion for policy, media, and following the news. NJC is one of the best introductions to DC and provides its students with incredible opportunities. Students will leave NJC more confident, better writers, and better prepared for the real world.”

Ben Decatur
University of Michigan


“The National Journalism Center helped me to plot my course between who I am now and who I would like to be in the future. I came away with lists of things I can actually apply to my life: skills I want to develop, internships I want to apply for, publications where I want to submit work, etc. My vision of the opportunities available to me as a young writer have dramatically expanded.”

Maddie Mehr
Utah State University


“The National Journalism Center has been not only a major asset but a near-essential part of Newsmax’s Washington Bureau.  And my endorsement is without qualification — NJC picks the best and brightest of today to be the finest journalists of tomorrow.”


— John Gizzi,  Chief Political Columnist and White House correspondent, Newsmax